FOX Sports calls Gators and Noles fans obnoxious

In a provocative posting meant to do nothing more than insult certain college football fans – while boosting page views – FOX Sports, along with its partner, MSN, has decided to trash Gator Nation and Noles fans.

Using 10 photos and scant information, FOX has dubbed the Gators fans and Noles fans the 10 “most obnoxious fan bases in the country.”

Is there any logic in how Fox arrived at this conclusion? Not as far as I can tell. And it doesn’t even appear to have even a scintilla of evidence to back up the specious claims. Florida “lives in the past and never shuts up” quotes the FOX posting. Huh? What kind of nonsense is that? Their quarterback won a Heisman Trophy and the team is just two seasons removed from a national title. Part of the criticism has to do with Steve “Evil Genius” Spurrier, who did of course earn lots of scorn from opposing fans and coaches, but that’s ancient history now.

I mean if you are going to come up with some reason to rip the UF fans, at least mention something with a little more zing, such as those allegations from a million years ago that Gator fans poured urine on visiting Tennessee fans.

But in my mind, FOX Sports goes even more overboard when it comes to Florida State fans, saying that the fans spend more time “bragging about themselves and their rituals instead of their football team.” The posting goes on to rip FSU’s tomahawk chop as “cheesy.” All I can say is that person who wrote this particular work of fiction – her name is Lisa Horne – has probably never been to an FSU game and doesn’t know anything about FSU. In recent years, coaches and team players have complained that the fans don’t show enough enthusiasm and that the team can’t fill up the stadium for games against lesser-known opponents. How that is “obnoxious,” I honestly can’t tell.

What’s even more telling is that if Horne knew anything about FSU she would realize that FSU fans have for a long time suffered from a massive inferiority complex. It wasn’t that long ago that Coach Bobby Bowden had to annually answer the “can’t win the big one” question from the media.

And finally, after all this, if you are going to rip UF and FSU, how on earth could you omit the Canes fans? Has anyone at FOX ever gone to a game here in the state of Florida? Have they ever seen Sebastian the Ibis hold the “State Champs” sign when UM would beat FSU? Has anyone at Fox ever heard Ray Lewis and other Canes players talk about the “U” and the “five national titles” etc. etc.

Somebody needs to tell FOX Sports they are full of it.


12 Responses to FOX Sports calls Gators and Noles fans obnoxious

  1. fsu fan says:

    Gator fans ARE obnoxious.
    So are “The U” fans.
    Always have been, always will be.

  2. Brad says:

    I think its an outrage!! I mean look at all those Raider fans….hey at leats when Florida Gators win a title they don’t flip cars and burn them like the Buckeye fans do.

  3. Hawaiian UF Fan says:

    If having a fan base that overfills a 90,000-seat stadium for an out-of-conference walk-over game against a weak opponent like Hawaii means living “in the past,” I’m sure that all college football programs wish they were similarly doing so. I hope these same 90,000 boycott FOX Sports for being “full of it”!

  4. Big Freeze says:

    I am UF alumni, and I have gone to countless football games at The Swamp as well as other schools’ stadiums. That said, we UF fans ARE OBNOXIOUS. It’s something that we should be proud of. We are rabid football fans who love our team. The fact that we were voted obnoxious says something about us, but it also shows that opposing fans and teams are intimidated by our presence. It’s disappointing to see a bunch of my fellow Gator fans get upset over this poll. Think about the most obnoxious fans in sports – Yankees, Red Sox, Raiders, Steelers, Celtics – they are all historically successful programs. The more obnoxious the fans are, the more successful the team is. Quit crying and embrace our obnoxiousness! All you Gator fans who are blogging in favor of some inconsequential boycott, please stop. You are embarrassing yourself, Gators football, and UF as a whole.

  5. Bob says:

    I’d say from reading this blog FOX can be safely assured that they got the call correct on that play.

  6. pengu for FSU says:

    I’m an FSU fan and for the past few years FSU fans have done nothing but complain because FSU has had a couple of bad years. I can say that I think FSU fans are the most critical fans of FSU but most obnoxious? what a joke.

  7. cnelmor says:

    How dare anybody say that FSU and Florida fans are obnoxious, let alone the MOST obnoxious? Being a Seminole or a Gator fan is the sports equivalent of being patriotic to our country. It is flat out unAmerican to ask a football fan not to be … a fan. In Europe, football fans are trampled because some folks are trying to get out of the stadium fast. As big as our stadiums are, I’ve never seen anybody being trampled. It’s one thing to say that drunks are obnoxious because all drunks are obnoxious. But to single out FSU and Florida and hold them accountable for the acts of a bunch of drunks is way unfair. Drunks are drunks and fans are fans. There’s a difference.

  8. lily says:

    FOX sports is just jealous about how passionate gator fans are. i’m not a fan of the seminoles, but they are still going to root for their team win or lose. if FOX can’t get over that, that’s their problem.

  9. FSU Joe says:

    “Since the Seminole players can’t seem to entertain, the FSU faithful have to rely on cheesy Native American war chants, the Tomahawk Chop gimmick (how ’90s) and hot chicks in Daisy Dukes and cowboy hats to amuse themselves.”

    Seems like their just hating FSU for the sake of hating FSU. There is no merit behind this statement or the most obnoxious title. By the way, what do hot women, and fans getting behind their team have to do with being obnoxious?

  10. jobber says:

    Not only obnoxious, but apparently overly sensitive too

  11. GatorinOklahoma says:



    The only thing worse than when they lose is WHEN THEY WIN!!!!

    Sore winners all around!!!!

  12. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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