Spectacular Saturday: Gators crush, Rays shine, Canes storm

What a huge day in Florida sports.

The Tampa Bay Rays reached the pinnacle of a miracle season, the Gators showed why their showdown against Georgia later year could decide the national championship, and the Canes proved that they are still one of the best teams in the ACC. Go to www.FLSportsFan.com to get the full story.

A few random thoughts:

The Gators looked scary and their domination was near complete, including amazing special teams play and a bone-crunching defense. The down side, however, was the Gators were so good that Tim Tebow once again did not need to do that much to help propel his team to victory. Tebow doesn’t need to play like a demigod if Brandon James keeps running back punts for touchdowns and the defense forces turnover after turnover. One other thought: I know Urban Meyer is intense, but there were a few times he looked like a spaz, losing his cool on even minor setbacks. Hey Urban, did you see the score?

The Gators victory was so thorough that I was able to keep my remote on hyperdrive, flipping back and forth to the Rays game, the UM-Texas A&M game and then back again to the Gators just in time to see Vols head coach Phil Fulmer look he was going to swallow his tongue in frustration.

Key moment in the Rays game came in the 4th inning when first baseman Carlos Pena was able to double up the Twins on a routine fly ball out. Until that moment bases were loaded and Minnesota was threatening to get back into the game. The double play in the 4th shut down a potential rally and set the stage for the first-ever AL East title for the Rays.

And while UM wasn’t playing a Top 10 team, I think their hard-fought game against the Gators is paying dividends. While the Canes did not have enough power and speed to beat UF, they had more than enough to thump a mid-level team like the Aggies. They began to look like the Canes of old once again, scoring at will and keeping their opponents down. Graig Cooper had a monster day rushing the ball, ending with 128 yards and two touchdowns.

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