A radical concept: Time to say that I was wrong

In the rapidly-changing world of media, I’ve decided to do something that others don’t seem to do often. And that’s admit when I am wrong.

Brian Griese and the Jacksonville Jaguars made me eat the words that I used on my latest video at www.FLSportsFan.com. Well, at least for the time being.

I predicted that Griese would not be the answer for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at quarterback this season. It’s not that I think that former starter Jeff Garcia is a top-flight quarterback, it’s just that Griese has bounced around the league like a shredded tire coming off a tractor trailer flying down the interstate. And the effect has been the same, little traction and danger of a car crash.

But on Sunday Griese passed for more than 400 yards as he hurled the rock a stunning 67 times. 67 times! That’s like a half season’s work for some of the quarterbacks in the NFL (and the fifth all-time amount of pass attempts in a single game.) And although Griese had three picks he also threw for two touchdowns and did just enough to help the Bucs pull out an overtime win over the Chicago Bears.

Do I still think that Griese is fool’s gold? You bet. But for now I will freely admit that on this Sunday, I was wrong. Dead wrong. Way to go, Brian.

I also erred in declaring the death and burial of the Jaguars, whose offense the first two weeks was pathetic. That all changed on Sunday afternoon when both Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew sliced, diced and ripped up the Indianapolis defense. Both backs rushed for more than 100 yards in the win.

(I will note this for the record: A bone-headed call by Jack Del Rio late in the fourth quarter almost gave the Colts a victory. When it’s 4th and short and you’ve got two timeouts left in the game, it’s ok to run the ball, Jack. A pass interference call fortunately gave the Cats a new set of downs and set the stage for a dramatic game-winning field goal.)

BUT, BUT, BUT…I did get one thing right.

I said that Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter had every right to question how well Matt Cassel would play in place of injured Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. I said Porter was merely telling the truth. Yeah, I guess he was, especially since he sacked Cassel three times. Welcome to the big time, Matt. The Fins defense smothered the Pats, while the Patriots defense designed by Mr. Genius, Bill Belichick, was completely thrown off stride by the monster performance of running back Ronnie Brown who had 5 touchdowns.

And to make it even so much sweeter, the Dolphins (the only team to STILL HAVE A COMPLETE PERFECT SEASON) ended the Pats 21-game regular season winning streak. The sting was so complete that the Associated Press reported that Pats fans were actually booing their team. Wow, what a bunch of ingrates. Guess winning three Super Bowls in the last decade isn’t enough.


One Response to A radical concept: Time to say that I was wrong

  1. jetsfan says:

    Can you ever mention the Miami Dolphins without having to go on and on and on about the perfect season? If the 2008 season (or 2007 for that mattert) was as short as the season the 1972 Dol-fans played some other team would be able to accomplish the same thing.
    Dol-fans are so desperate to hang on to those glory days. Sad, really.

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