Gator coaches rapped as being whiny

Too whiny?

Too whiny?

Well Gator Nation shouldn’t be surprised. Their wonderful friends at Fox Sports have whacked them again. A few weeks ago the sports media giant called their fans among the nation’s most obnoxious. This week they placed their coach Urban Meyer on a list of the 10 whiniest coaches in America. But the Gator bashing didn’t stop there: Two other coaches, Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops and the ole ball coach, Steve Spurrier, also made the list. And hmmm, where did these two coach at one point?

Commenting on Meyer, the feature asks “Was all that whining in 2006 about getting Florida into the BCS title game an omen of things to come?” Fox also rapped Meyer for complaining about Georgia’s behavior in their matchup last year and for kicking a field goal against Miami with just seconds left in the game. (I’m not sure how kicking a field goal is whiny. Maybe mean, maybe arrogant, but not whiny. This problem with the English language seems to be a recurring problem at Fox Sports.)

The complete list broke out this way:

1. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina

2. Rich Rodriguez, Michigan

3. Les Miles, LSU

4. Tommy Tuberville, Auburn

5. Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State

6. Nick Saban, Alabama

7. Mike Stoops, Arizona

8. Bob Stoops, Oklahoma

9. Urban Meyer, Florida

10. Rich Brooks, Kentucky

The one thought I have about this list is well, once again, the University of Miami escapes unscathed. Not that I think Randy Shannon is a whiner, but he took a bit of heat for his complaining about that Meyer field goal. Given Fox’s antipathy to the state of Florida, I’m just surprised that the list didn’t have Bobby Bowden. Cause you know he’s a whiner because he says things like “dadgumit.”


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