Will the Florida Gators get ripped off by stupid poll system?

The Florida Gators, fresh off from a 63-5 drubbing of the Kentucky Wildcats on Saturday, have a much larger opponent to worry about in the remaining weeks of the college football season than either the Georgia Bulldogs or the Alabama Crimson Tide.

It’s the uncompetitive and completely nonsensical Bowl Championship Series that relies on a series of flawed, and in my opinion, rigged polls.

Right now the facts on the football field – which is were championships should be decided – show that the Gators are probably the best team in college football right now. Despite a one-point loss to Ole Miss earlier in the season, the Gators show that they have an all-around combination on defense, offense, and special teams that is jaw-dropping.

Against Kentucky, Tim Tebow was masterful through both the air and on the ground, Percy Harvin remained well, Percy Harvin and the team had not one, but two, TWO!, blocked punts that turned into touchdowns.

Next up for the Gators is the Bulldogs, and already the hype machine at places like ESPN is turning this into spectacular showdown. Sorry. It won’t be. Georgia may have looked good against LSU on Saturday, but overall the Bulldogs don’t have a defense that will be able to do anything to slow the Gators down. Write it down: The Bulldogs will be lucky if they don’t lose by more than 21 points.

If anything, the game the Gators have to worry about much down the stretch will be against Florida State in Tallahassee and then a championship game against a strong Bama’ team.

But that’s where it becomes maddening. Even if the Gators win out and take out an undefeated Alabama squad, they could get locked out of the BCS Championship Game that could feature the Texas Longhorns and Penn State Nittany Lions.

This to put it mildly would be a major travesty and once again show why a playoff system is badly needed to restore sanity to this sport. The Nittany Lions do not, I repeat, DO NOT, belong in the BCS Championship Game. The Big 10 conference does not play a championship game like the SEC and ACC – and just as important – that conference is a joke.

 You want just one example? The Ohio State Buckeyes played Penn State on Saturday night to a standstill until about four minutes are left in the game. That’s right, the Buckeyes. The same team that got routed by USC  a few weeks earlier.

The plain fact is that the current system doesn’t work and that’s because it relies primarily on a series of polls, including two polls that are conducted among people WHO DON’T EVEN WATCH most football games.

How can the 61 coaches that make up the USA Today poll even know what’s going on? All they see are the scores and then they vote based on what helps their own team, or helps their conference.

Then there’s the other poll that is used by the BCS, which is the “Harris Interactive College Football” poll. (The AP dropped out several years ago.) It’s a poll constructed of former players, coaches, administrators and media (read-a lot of people you have never heard of) and includes people like Roy Kramer, the person who helped construct this current whacked BCS system and former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Boomer Esiason.

This current system is a fraud, plain and simple. The only chance that Gators have right now is if Michigan State or Iowa knocks off Penn State, or Texas loses to Texas Tech. And then maybe, the best team will gets it rightful shot to play for a national title.

P.S. Don’t forget–you have a chance to watch the BCS Championship game. Just go to www.FLSportsFan.com to enter today for your shot at two free tickets on the 50-yard line.


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