Does ACC stand for awfully confused conference?

Sports Addict Gary Fineout

Sports Addict Gary Fineout

Well, a funny thing happened during the Miami Hurricanes march to the Atlantic Coast Championship game in Tampa. They got spanked on Thursday night by the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, which used its triple option offensive attack to rack up nearly 500 yards on the ground against the Canes.

So once again the ACC is mired into mediocrity and there’s the distinct likelihood that the the Orange Bowl bound ACC champion will have AT LEAST three losses. That’s pathetic. And another reminder why the current BCS system is a joke because it has all these conference tie-ins for bowl games.

Nobody would really care, if say potential ACC champion Maryland, lost in the opening round of a playoff. But instead the eventual ACC champion will get a prime-time spot against somebody like USC or even better, a team like Utah. Hoo boy. Utah vs. Maryland in the Orange Bowl. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Tell me why that’s good for college football you BCS apologists.

Of course I would love to see Miami or FSU in the Orange Bowl, but right now I’m not holding my breath that it will happen. Even if FSU lucked out in some algebraic combination of losses by Boston College and Wake Forest then the Noles would likely have a rematch with Tech, which also ran all over FSU earlier this season. (That’s the reason FSU lost – not the fumble by Marcus Sims.)

So with the college football season almost over, here’s how I would rank the conferences:

1. Southeastern Conference. The SEC has the best team in the country right now – yes, it’s still the Florida Gators – as well as an undefeated Alabama squad. Then there’s the fact that the SEC is the nation’s toughest defensive conference and that it has eight teams that are already bowl eligible. And on and on. You get the picture.

2. Big 12 Conference. This is sort of by default. I give kudos to the Big 12 because at least the conference has a championship game. But despite all the hype surrounding the Big 12 teams and its vaunted quarterbacks, my mind keeps flashing back to the Oklahoma-Boise State Fiesta Bowl. Why? Because I just don’t think Texas, Texas Tech or even Oklahoma are as good as everyone on ESPN keeps trying to tell me. I’ll even go out on a limb and predict that two of those three teams will lose their bowl games. But for now, Big 12 beats out the Pac-10, Big 10 and of course, the ACC.

3. Pac 10 Conference. This is largely because USC is still a dominating team despite the Trojans loss to Oregon State. But the second best team, the Beavers, got routed by Penn State and lost to Utah.  So there’s obviously a steep dropoff in this conference.

4. Mountain West Conference. Yeah, I said it. But take a close look and you might be surprised. Three teams with two losses or less. Utah is undefeated. BYU has two wins over Pac-10 teams. The Cougars lone loss came at the hands of Texas Christian. The Horned Frogs have lost to just Utah and Oklahoma.

5. Big 10 Conference. Year in and year out this is the biggest pretend conference in America. And the Big 10 champion usually proves it by losing the Rose Bowl. Ohio State’s championship earlier this decade was of course an outright theft. This year OSU dazzled everyone with a 35-3 loss to USC.

Then there’s the rest…

6. Atlantic Coast Conference.

7. Big East Conference.

8. Conference USA.

9. WAC

10. Mid-American Conference.

11. Sun Belt Conference.


One Response to Does ACC stand for awfully confused conference?

  1. BrutusReport says:

    Ohio State has played a couple of bad games but the conference overall has been 50-50 in bowl appearances as of late.

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