Five reasons the Gators will beat Bama

Sports Addict Gary Fineout

Sports Addict Gary Fineout

1. This first reason is easy enough: Tim Tebow. Alabama has not faced a quarterback who is a multiple threat like Tebow. No one else on their schedule this season – including Georgia – had a quarterback who can either burn you with his arm, or pound at you on the ground. Ask Florida State and other teams what happens when you try to blitz him.

2. Speed kills. Even if outstanding receiver Percy Harvin doesn’t play, the Gators still have crazy, explosive speed with burners like Chris Rainey and Jeff Demps. All three of them are averaging more than 8 yards a carry. Wow.

3. The Gators defense is better than advertised. What’s been overlooked in UF’s eight-game winning streak is that it’s been the defense that has helped UF race out to big leads. The Gators are ranked 7th in total defense in the NCAA right now, just four spots behind Bama. The team is ranked 12th nationally in rushing defense and is fifth in red zone defense.  And even more importantly, the Gators have the nation’s best turnover margin.

4. Bama’s anemic offensive attack. I’m sorry, but it’s hard to fathom that a team with the 53rd best offense in America can remain undefeated and play for a national title. Bama’s offense has only scored 48 touchdowns this season versus 75 tds racked up by the Gators. Oh yeah and then there’s myth out there about how great their rushing attack is. You mean the one that averages 36 fewer yards a game than the Gators and has scored 10 fewer touchdowns?

5. Nick Saban’s blind arrogance. It was on display again at Friday’s news conference when Saban basically mocked the Gators offense as some old school knockoff of the single wing offense that Saban used when he was “10 years old” and played “Pee Wee” ball. That’s right. Saban compared the Gators offense to something that a bunch of little children play. Hmm. Trying to give the Gators some last minute motivation Nick? I guess we’ll see how old school that offense is when it winds up knocking you right out of the national title game.

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