BCS mess could taint Gators bid for championship

meyer1 Well, let’s hope that the masters of the BCS oligarchy are happy.

They once again have a mess on their hands that threatens to taint next week’s Bowl Championship Series championship game between the University of Florida and Oklahoma. In other words, even if the Gators win, are they really the national champions?

The fact that Oklahoma got into the title game through some sort of bureaucratic technicality was bad enough. But Utah’s solid drubbing of the Alabama Crimson Tide has again shown that the BCS selection process remains a complete farce. All season long that BCS masters have proclaimed that the computers and polls and schedule strength and conference schedule, etc. etc. would produce the two best teams.

Well, guess again. Utah, the only undefeated team in the entire nation, has discredited all this talk about superior conferences. The 13-0 Utes manhandled the second-best team in the Southeastern Conference. Bama was never ever in this game. Nick Saban, the so-called master of the college universe, had a team that was totally unprepared to deal with Utah’s offense and defense. All the talking heads who blathered on about the inferior Mountain West conference were dead wrong.

But that’s not the only problem. The entire bowl schedule has exposed the ongoing weaknesses with this BCS madness.

Take for example, the USC Trojans. This one loss team – just like Oklahoma and Florida – dominated Big 10 champion Penn State University in the Rose Bowl. Oh, but the rap on Southern Cal was that they play in that lowly Pac-10 conference. Hmm. Except that that lowly conference is now a perfect 5-0 in bowl games.

Oh, and by the way, did you notice that in Ole Miss defeated Texas Tech, the team that supposedly cost Texas a shot at the national title? I guess it could be argued that this helps the case of the Gators, since the Rebels beat them. But the fact that Tech was never in the game could reinforce the idea that the Big 12 was OVERRATED as a conference. (Maybe ESPN gave the conference a tad too much exposure that influenced poll voters, but that’s a separate rant.)

The bottom line is that a college playoff is needed. Fox Sports and the BCS masters need to stop deluding people that the current system works. The championship should be determined on the field, not through a series of polls and computer programs. There will always be upsets in sports and there were always be teams that don’t fit into the nice box that some talking head wants to put them into.

And I happen to be just fine with the idea of the federal government stepping in and making it a reality. The TV networks are too closely tied at the hip with the colleges that prefer the flawed, completely illogical system which relies primarily on the opinions of people WHO DON’T EVEN watch most teams that play college football.

I have no doubt that the Gators are the best team this year in college football. But unfortunately they are being denied a chance to prove it.

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