Tebow should stay away from the NFL for now

Sports Addict Gary Fineout

Sports Addict Gary Fineout

Fresh off a big win in the BCS Championship Game, the biggest question for the Gators will be whether or not favorite son Tim Tebow returns or heads to the next level.

The way that “Superman” played in the title game may have people thinking the guy is a natural for the NFL. He’s passionate, he’s determined, and he never gave up during the tight game against the Oklahoma Sooners.

But here’s my piece of unsolicited advice to Mr. Tebow: Stay where you are.

I’m not Mel Kiper by the longest stretch of the imagination. But I know enough about the NFL to say that right now Tim Tebow would be lucky if he got drafted by the third round. Despite all the things that he does, I just don’t think that a NFL team will be willing to take a big chance on him.

That doesn’t mean he won’t get drafted. It just means that Tebow is not going to be a Top 5 draft pick commanding millions of dollars.

Maybe you can blame the spread offense system that Coach Urban Meyer runs and say it doesn’t give Tebow enough opportunities to show off all his skills. That may be true. But the plain fact is that NFL scouts will look at Tebow and see someone that could be a great tight end or fullback, but not a quarterback.

The fear will be that once Tebow enters the NFL he will be confronted by fast and mean defensive players who will be every much as determined as he is. Before he became known as a dog killer and convicted criminal, Michael Vick  came under constant criticism that he was a great athlete and fantastic runner but a mediocre passer who cost wins for the Falcons.

If Tebow wants a chance to go into the NFL as a top-flight prospect he needs to return to Gainesville and somehow convince Meyer that staying in the pocket and throwing 25 times a game is a good thing. Jumping into the NFL this year would be a risky move that may lead Tebow down the same path to football oblivion that has confronted other Heisman Trophy winners.

If Tebow wants to keep having fun playing football, the grass is greener where he already is.


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  1. […] he announced this weekend that he would return to Gainesville for his senior year. As explained here Tebow is not ready for NFL prime-time. If he had gone in the NFL draft this spring, he would have […]

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