Tebow makes right decision to return to Gators

Sports Addict Gary Fineout

Sports Addict Gary Fineout

So Tim Tebow hailed my advice.

Well, not really. But the star of the Gators made the right choice when he announced this weekend that he would return to Gainesville for his senior year. As explained here Tebow is not ready for NFL prime-time. If he had gone in the NFL draft this spring, he would have either wound up on a really bad team, or he would have agreed to change his position.

I know Gators fans believe Tebow is the best quarterback ever, but he just hasn’t shown the right kind of skills that would convince an NFL owner to hand over a team to him. So it’s better for him to stay where he is and have some fun.

But one word of caution: Gator fans should not automatically expect a championship repeat. For starters, their in-state rivals, Florida State, will probably be a better and stronger team than they were this season. And while Tebow’s return is now assured we don’t know if other star players – such as sensational wideout Percy Harvin – will join him. Harvin did say Sunday that he was “leaning” toward it according to other media outlets.

A quick look, however, at the history of college football can tell you it’s really hard to win when every team is seriously gunning for you. And because there’s no playoff system, one loss can ruin your whole season. Just ask Texas or USC. I would urge Gator fans to bask in their moment of glory while they can and be happy that their hero is not riding off into the sunset.


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