Will FSU fans show their displeasure on Saturday night?

blackoutSo it would appear from media accounts that Florida State Coach Bobby Bowden may get a reprieve and may in fact get to decide when he will step down despite the disappointment over this year’s 2-3 season.

There’s no doubt that Bowden – who met with FSU President T.K. Wetherell on Tuesday – has gotten his back  up about it. Just witness this exchange from Monday night where a clearly perturbed Bowden responds to a question from a female reporter about his future by saying he has no comment about his future and then while smiling says that her question “is like a woman.” He then goes on to say he had no idea that his wife, Ann Bowden, had criticized FSU Trustee Jim Smith for saying it was time for Bowden to step down.

But the question is whether FSU fans will begin to more forcefully show their feelings about the situation. One group on Facebook called BLACK OUT DOAK for CHANGE has already drawn nearly 5,000 members online. It is urging that FSU fans wear black to their home games – starting with this weekend’s clash with Georgia Tech – to tell the administration that “the fans want something drastic done.” Nearly 2,000 FB members have already “confirmed” they plan to show up at this weekend’s game in black.

There is at least pro Bowden group that has formed on Facebook called “Stop Trashing Bobby Bowden” and it has more than 100 members right now, although in their defense their group hasn’t got the same amount of publicity as the first one. Others defending Bowden include Deion Sanders who told the Tallahassee Democrat “at least have a proper funeral for him.”

It is becoming crystal clear that FSU has a full-blown crisis on its hands and that one way or the other the university is going to be forced to step forward and explain what’s going to happen to Bowden, what’s going to happen with head coach in waiting Jimbo Fisher, and who is going to control the team.

And oh yeah, there’s still a bunch of games left to play. It might be good to do something soon to end the distractions.


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