Gators shouldn’t let No. 1 ranking fool them

I’m probably not going to say anything Urban Meyer doesn’t say constantly.

But that No. 1 ranking bestowed on the Florida Gators in the BCS standings means next to nothing right now.

And I will go one step further: The Gators don’t really deserve it.

But for a couple of questionable calls – one of which the SEC now says should never have been called – the Gators would have already lost a game this season. And let’s not forget that Riley Cooper could have easily been flagged on that touchdown grab against LSU.

It could be Tim Tebow’s concussion, it could be Meyer’s decision to rein in the playbook following the injury to his star quarterback, or it could be defenses are finally catching up, but whatever it is the Gators do not look as dominant as they were last season.

The reason the Gators are winning right now has more to do with that stifling defense that has clamped down on explosive teams such as Arkansas. But the Gators don’t look like the best team in the country. It’s as simple as that. And that’s why the AP poll dropped them this week.

The Gators are probably still one of the better teams in the nation – and other than maybe Bama – it’s hard to envision who is going to beat them. (South Carolina may have the best shot, but it’s hard to imagine how the Gamecocks weak offense will be able to muster more than a touchdown.)

Still there a couple of underdogs left on the schedule that could give the Gators a big surprise if they aren’t careful.

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